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Being global first reference in preservation and transport of organs and biological products with high impact revolutionary solutions.


Do not risk your patient. Trust. Vivian® takes care.

TRANSPLANT BIOMEDICALS is a European company based in Barcelona aimed to become an international leader in the field of organ, tissue and cell preservation by providing innovative and breakthrough technologies that improve patient outcomes while delivering value to our shareholders and communities.

Through a science-based approach, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, we provide a new generation of innovative and efficient medical technologies engineered to enhance the preservation of biological materials with the purpose of improving patient outcomes and the care provided by their caregivers.

Our values are at the basis of all our organizations actions

  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Building trust and commitment among caregivers and stakeholders
  • Operating in an open, enabling and creative entrepreneurial atmosphere
  • Delivering technologically advanced, high-quality, accessible and sustainable range of products
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Vivian® for organ transplantation

The company is at the end-stage of the development of VIVIAN®, a new generation disposable organ preservation device for kidney and available for hospital use. Further applications for liver and heart are at early stages. The device integrates the Hypothermic Ultrasound Preservation Technology (HUPT), a revolutionary proprietary and patented technology that leads to superior preservation of organs during ex-vivo conditions.

Expected advantages of VIVIAN® over main competitors

  • Increase preservation efficacy
  • Improve early graft dysfunction
  • Maximize usage of available organ pool
  • Enhance the effectiveness of organ transplantation

Current R&D status

After having successfully completed functional kidney and liver preclinical studies in both rat and pig models, the company has developed a fully functional clinical prototype.

A first in man safety and performance clinical study of VIVIAN® in kidney transplantation has completed patient enrolment. Thirty-day planned interim results are expected to be available by end of May 2019 and complete 1-year results in 1Q2020. CE mark and ISO 13485 certificates have already been obtained.

Additional pipeline – Cell and tissue preservation

Nowadays, the transportation of cells is done using isothermal boxes or cooling boxes, similar to the picnic cooling boxes used in the organ transportation. The cells can be transported in isothermal conditions (whenever the type of cell allows it and the distance is short) or cryopreserved (in temperature of -40ºC). However, both methods can result in a significant loss of cell viability and/or function.

The technical and operational experience gained throughout the development of VIVIAN K/L/H will conform the basis for the development of the HUPT platform in the field of cell/tissue preservation, allowing to accelerate and maximize the probability of success in this high value market.

“At Transplant Biomedicals team we are excited to solve the most ambitious challenges of health professionals and, therefore, we transform scientific and technological knowledge into products that contribute to the improvement of people’s health”


Board of Directors

Joaquin Sanz Berrioategortua

Giacomo de Simone

Giacomo de Simone

Carmen Peralta

Dra. Carmen Peralta


Transplant Biomedicals is backed by specialized national venture capital. These investors include Caixa Capital Risc and Kereon Partners and several private investors. To date, Transplant Biomedicals has raised over €4M.



June 28th 2019
TRANSPLANT BIOMEDICALS awarded at the 2019 IED Design Awards for Best Entrepreneurship Proposal in the Management category. More information

June 12th 2019
Transplant Biomedicals announces positive  interim results of the first in human clinical study VIVIAN®  device kidney transplantation (the EMERGE study). More Information

April 12th 2019
Transplant Biomedicals announces completion of patient enrolment in emerge trial: a first in human clinical study of VIVIAN® device in kidney transplantation. More information

January 2th 2017
Transplant Biomedicals closes €2.5M in Series A financing by Caixa Capital Risc and Kereon Partners. More information

November 11th 2016
Transplant Biomedicals raises €1.5M. More information.

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