Being global first reference in preservation and transport of organs and biological products with high impact revolutionary solutions.

Transplant Biomedicals is a European company based in Barcelona aimed at developing novel medical strategies to improve organ, tissue and cellular preservation to overall enhance patients´ wellness.

Our values are at the basis of all our organizations actions

  • Fight for our cause, the patient
  • Trust and commitment
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and passion
  • Superior quality that meets needs and provides sustainable added value


Transplant Biomedicals is developing a new organ transport device available for hospital use. The device uses a revolutionary technology leading to superior preservation of the organs during transport from the donor hospital to the transplant center.

Our high quality and convenient product aims to become the global gold standard for transplant centers by reducing the risk of delayed graft function, improving graft survival and as such leading to better patient outcomes. In addition, our product has the potential to use part of the marginal organs that are currently discarded and thus reduce the waiting lists. [3D conceptual model]

“Our challenge is to achieve the perfection in our products to provide our users with solutions that guarantee excellence in the results of their invaluable work.”

Ignasi Heras – Chief Executive Officer


Ignasi Heras, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Heras is co-founder of Transplant Biomedicals. He has a long experience in the biomedical and biotechnology arena in business development and innovation, including public and private companies.

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Dra. Carmen Peralta

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Peralta is co-founder of Transplant Biomedicals. She is Senior Group Leader at IDIBAPS. Her expertise focuses in pharmacological and surgical strategies aimed at reducing hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury associated with hepatic resections and liver transplantation.

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Carlos Rodríguez Eíto

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rodríguez has over 10 years of experience leading the development of Medical Devices and Healthcare software and a wide variety of experiences in management of people, processes and technology.

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Jordi Petit Salamó, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Petit has worked during more than 25 years in different financial directive positions in both multinational and start-ups of recent creation in the life science sector.

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Marc Cusachs Farraró

Business Development

Mr.Cusachs graduated in Biotechnology and master in business administration applied to life sciences, complementing his scientific formation with a business vision.

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Advisory Board

Prof. Juan Rodés

Dr. Rodés is a world-recognized expert in liver and gastrointestinal disorders. He is currently the President of the IDIBAPS-Hospital Clínic de Barcelona Consortium, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Barcelona.

Dr. Enrique Castellón

President of Cross Road Biotech, with prominent experience in business administration, investments and scientific administration. He was Secretary of State of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs (1996-2000). In 1998 he created the Spanish Drug Agency of which he was Executive President until 2000. He has also been Executive President of the National Institute for Consumer Affairs. Furthermore, he was Chief Executive Officer of the Galician Health Service (1991-1995) and Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services of Madrid region (1995-1996).

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Dr. Blanca Miranda

Dr. Blanca Miranda became a Doctor of Medicine and Specialist in Nephrology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and is now Director of the Biobank of the Andalusian Public Health System, the body responsible for the management of all banks, biological sample collections and cell line banks throughout the Andalusian Public Health System. She has long expertise in scientific and clinical aspects of transplantation.



Transplant Biomedicals S.L.
Marie Curie, 8-14
Barcelona Advanced Industry Park
08042 Barcelona [Spain]

+34 935 27 27 20


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Echa un vistazo a las últimas noticias, información y oportunidades laborales de Transplant Biomedicals.…

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Echa un vistazo a las últimas noticias, información y oportunidades laborales de Transplant Biomedicals.…

Echa un vistazo a las últimas noticias, información y oportunidades laborales de Transplant Biomedicals.…